Louis Tenenbaum

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Predictions for the remodeling industry

Solutions to the labor crisis? New approaches to design? Experts from the worlds... More

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Catering contracting projects to the older crowd

Many remodeling clients over age 55 have a medical condition that the project needs to accommodate or are anticipating old-age infirmities that they want to plan for. More

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Promoting aging in place home modifications

Though they're not exactly new ideas, a recently established nonprofit group hopes... More

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Second Look: Louis Tenenbaum

I realized my important value was helping people form a strategy to live independently," says Louis Tenenbaum (Big50 1997), who closed down Access Remodeling in January 2002 to focus on this goal. Tenenbaum honors warranty requests from his 10-year-old business, but now you'll find him writing a book, penning think-tank papers, and speaking nationwide on accessibility and "visitability," words he says the public, governments, and agencies are paying more attention to these days. More

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