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Change orders converted into separate jobs

Jeff Berkowitz, project coordinator at Lawrence Murr Remodeling, Jacksonville, Fla., and his team prefer to convert large change orders into separate jobs. This allows them to use the company's full process to develop the project. The "additional work authorization" offers several benefits. More

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Reader's Choice: Panasonic Bath Ventilation Fans

Remodeler Lawrence Murr works on bathroom remodels for many clients who dislike the noise of their existing exhaust fans. Because it does no good to install an exhaust fan in a humid bathroom if the homeowner won't use it, Murr offers to upgrade his clients' ventilation system with a Panasonic fan. More

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Level of detail that should be included in an estimate

If it's a contracted price, we don't show any detail except for allowances for items to be selected, like light fixtures or floor coverings. If we're doing a cost-plus job, we give them detailed estimates of all the costs from a list of 24 categories. More

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