Lauren Hunter

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Cutting Waste with Friendly Wall

Lauren Hunter gets hands-on with Friendly Wall, a Canadian company cutting its way... More

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Virtual Finishes Become Reality with the Hover App

Lauren Hunter takes a tour of the Hover App, which uses technology originally... More

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Curbing Shower Base Installation with FinPan

Lauren Hunter examines the Clear Path Curbless Shower System by FinPan, which... More

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Expanding Utility with Centipede Tool

Lauren Hunter participates in a demonstration of the versatile Centipede Tool... More

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The Product Hunter’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday shopping season is underway! Get employees and clients checked off your... More

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IBS/KBIS Day 3 Product Picks

Cool product selections from day 3 of IBS/KBIS. More

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IBS/KBIS Day 2 Product Picks

Hallie Busta, Lauren Hunter, and Jennifer Goodman share some of their favorite IBS/KBIS products from day 2. More

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IBS/KBIS Day 1 Product Picks

ARCHITECT's Hallie Busta and resident product guru Lauren Hunter share some of their favorite products from day one of IBS/KBIS. More

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Considering appliance color options

Avocado green may be out, but homeowners are again considering appliance color... More

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