Kelvin Pierce

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Profile: Kelvin and Susan Pierce

Three years ago, Kelvin and Susan Pierce (Big50 1993), owners of Commonwealth Home... More

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Accurate ballpark estimates on design/build remodeling jobs

Kelvin Pierce of Commonwealth Home Remodelers in Vienna, Va., can give accurate ballpark estimates on design/build remodeling jobs in about 20 minutes. How accurate? “Although we tell clients [that we can estimate to within] 10% or 15% of the final selling price, we're usually within 5%,” he says. More

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Sales School 101: Getting Comfortable With Money

You're uncomfortable asking customers for what a project should cost. When the client says, “Boy, that's a lot of money,” you go back and cut your price. You settle for less than you could have made, and the client gets a smaller piece of their dream. More

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