Kelly Vogan

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Remodeler offers signing bonus

Remodeler Kelly Vogan considered a signing bonus something reserved for athletes--... More

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Q+A: Tools of the Trade

What kind of tool allowance or program do you have for employees? More

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Giving It Away

Kelly Vogan used to hand out a $20 bill whenever an employee volunteered a good idea or solved a vexing problem. More

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Staying Indoors

Carpenters take a beating in their work, and 30 years of pounding nails, climbing on roofs, and working in foul weather was starting to make retirement look pretty good to Tom Stine, a 55-year-old lead carpenter at Vogan Associates, Silver Spring, Md. More

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Mentoring to build the remodeling industry

Eric Hoff was confused and, frankly, a little nervous. Moments before, the young... More

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Keeping track of Business Cash Flow

Be it computer software, plain old pen and paper, or abacus, most business owners have a way of keeping track of their cash flow. Kelly Vogan, president and owner of Vogan Associates in Silver Spring, Md., has a method that does what he says most others don't. More

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Online hiring over company websites

Thanks to companies like Maine Window and Sunroom, remodelers may finally be ready to shed their Luddite image: Even installers won't find work at the company without Internet access. And since dropping newspaper ads, the company has realized "astronomical cost savings," Levangelo says. More

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Curving Stairway Opens Interior

A well-placed curving stairway opened up the interior of an 1805 Washington, D.C.,... More

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Consulting Firm Shafts Remodelers

Several small businesses that hired the services of Chicago-area consulting firm IPA have cried foul, accusing the company of overcharging for substandard advice and of making harassing phone calls to collect payments. More

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