Keith Steier

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Finding Success With Progress Invoicing

Weekly payments from clients means better cash flow. For remodeler Keith Steier,... More

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Making the showroom more effective

The more products proliferate, the longer some clients take to select theirs,... More

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Local Forecast: Beating the Backlog

Keith Steier says his company, Knockout Renovation Svcs., New York, had 13 appointments to look at projects during the first part of March. That's 30% more appointments than they had the whole month one year ago. More

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Making publicity work for you

Once upon a time, the public face of home improvement wore a beard and a plaid... More

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Billing system that collects payments throughout a project's duration

Keith Steier, president of Knockout Renovation in Brooklyn, N.Y., has found a solution to this problem. At the end of each billing period, the client pays Knockout for work completed, less the 30%. More

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