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High-Stakes Bidding: Even Upscale Clients Are Asking for Competitive Bids

In this tough economy, high-end clients are asking for bids and high-end remodelers are having to adjust. More

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Turning Point: Curved Staircases Elevated to an Artform

Two curved staircase projects that highlight artful design and great craftsmanship. More

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This Old Thing?

Recreating the craftsmanship of the past is always a challenge for remodelers with... More

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Creating a Career Path for Field Personnel

Whether you call it a career track or a framework, whether you spell it out in a handbook or tell people during job interviews, you must have a path for field personnel to follow if you want them to grow and take on more responsibility. Remodelers who have carved out this path have shaped it to their companies' needs, bringing newbies along and nurturing homegrown lead carpenters, project managers, and even vice presidents. More

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Profile: Keith Alward

Good parents encourage their children to welcome responsibility, think for... More

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Closing a Sales Deal

When it comes to sales, Bill Simone of Custom Design + Construction leaves nothing... More

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2003 Honorable Mentions

Category: Old-house renovation, over $300,000 Contractor: Keith Alward, Alward... More

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Penny Pinching

However, if you release an employee with a $40,000 yearly salary plus benefits, you can reduce your overhead by as much as $65,000.The first was typical but with a few minor cuts; the second left just the basics; the third put us in survival mode -- cutting back on everything but absolute More

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Mediterranean Makeovers

Although the construction and layout of these houses, known as Mediterranean or... More

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