Karla Rodriguez

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A Festive Finish: How to Host an Event at a Client's Home

Tips for hosting a post-project party in your client's home. More

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Mid-Process Remodeling Events Draw Big Crowds

Meadowlark Builders and HartmanBaldwin Design/Build are at the forefront of remodeling tours that show what's "behind the drywall." More

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E-mail newsletters build relationships and credibility with clients

Long criticized for being Internet Luddites, remodelers have in recent years woken up to the necessity of a Web presence. And rather than sit back and wait for the hits, many upscale firms are using e-mail both to broaden and to refine their marketing reach. More

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Hors d'Oeuvres, Not Hard Hats

How expensive? How messy? How disruptive? Such are the questions that rattle the minds of remodeling prospects. HartmanBaldwin, a high-end design/build company in Claremont, Calif., answers them all with its “Home Remodeling In-Progress Workshops,” free, 90-minute programs held monthly in homes currently being remodeled. More

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