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Attitudes and behaviors on display at show booth

The right attitudes and behaviors can pay off for remodeling companies of any size, More

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Give and Take

Situations like this are not uncommon among remodelers. Options for resolving such misunderstandings include mediation, arbitration, small claims court, or litigation. No one ó except, perhaps, lawyers ó likes the last choice. More

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Creating and effective Web site

When it comes to remodeling and the Internet, consumers are leading the way.... More

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Wall-mounted faucet lacking stopper

By Nina Patel. Karl Dropping had a client who didn't realize that the vessel sink, wall-mounted faucet combination he installed lacked a stopper. He says contractors should make sure their clients know this or, if they want a stopper, find a manufacturer that offers an operable rod with a lever under the sink. More

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Wall-mounted faucets

Seventy years ago, wall-mounted kitchen faucets were the norm in farmhouses and... More

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