Kacey Fitzpatrick

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Engineering the client experience

Self-described remodeling neophytes Susan Parker and Ed Hynes “lived to rue the... More

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Remodeling clients learn lessons to take back to their company

The project: Fitzpatrick converted her ranch house into what she calls a "... More

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2003 Honorable Mentions

Category: Old-house renovation, over $300,000 Contractor: Keith Alward, Alward... More

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AmeriGuard: Structural warranty for resale homes

It's no wonder new-home buyers purchase structural warranties. According to Criterium Engineers, a nationwide home inspection firm based in Portland, Maine, structural defects occur in 10% to 20% of the 25,000 homes they inspect each year. More

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20/20 Hindsight

The stock market slump affected sales in our target market, Silicon Valley, as residents lost the portfolio liquidity to fund home remodeling projects. Doug Dwyer, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, Waco, Texas, Big50 2000 More

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Cancellation Blues

The client's on the phone, saying he has lost his job, filed for divorce, or been... More

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Finders Keepers

Robert Criner, president of Criner Construction in Yorktown, Va., says remodelers must be proactive in their quest to retain employees. More than just money "In every statistic I read on retention priorities, money is fifth or sixth on the list," says Doug Nelson, president of New Spaces in Burnsville, Minn. Nelson says that more than a fair salary, employees want to be appreciated and feel like a vital part of the company. Lead carpenter Ross Gravrock, a 10-year employee of Doug Nelson at New Spaces, says he enjoys his job because Nelson gives him the freedom to do good work. More

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