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Training Ground: Remodeling Internships

Mentoring interns is good for the industry, and good for your company. More

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Remodelers Look For Ways To Attract Young Workers

Remodelers who lament the challenges of attracting new people to the profession... More

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Creating a Career Path for Field Personnel

Whether you call it a career track or a framework, whether you spell it out in a handbook or tell people during job interviews, you must have a path for field personnel to follow if you want them to grow and take on more responsibility. Remodelers who have carved out this path have shaped it to their companies' needs, bringing newbies along and nurturing homegrown lead carpenters, project managers, and even vice presidents. More

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Finding Good Designers From Big Box Stores

Good things may come in small packages, but two remodeling companies have found... More

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Using cooking demonstrations as a marketing tool

If the quickest way to clients' hearts is through their stomachs, then The Neil Kelly Co. is on the fast track to that spot. More

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Training is essential to growth

Training yourself, your managers, and your field crews will turn your chaotic circus into a well-orchestrated troop. More

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Tom Kelly: teamwork system and business analysis

Soon after taking over the company named for and established by his father, Neil,... More

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