Jon Vogel

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Homeowner Seminars

Homeowner seminars offer a way to position yourself as an expert and to boost leads as well. More

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Big50 CloseUp: Jon Vogel

During its first 24 years in business, New Outlooks Construction (NOC), in... More

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Computer-assisted design can build relationships with clients

Just as remodelers have become more sophisticated over the years, so have clients,... More

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Make It Official

For the past six years, Jon Vogel, owner of New Outlooks Construction, Robbinsville, N.J., has held his inspectors license, and for two years he was a part-time building inspector. More

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Moving on up to your own office

Have you outgrown your home office? It's a sign that the time has come to move out... More

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Showroom boosts sales expansion

A few years ago, Robbinsville, N.J.-based Jon Vogel was selling about $1.5 million in projects and working 75 hours a week. He wanted to expand New Outlooks Construction but knew he couldn't do it with just himself as the only salesperson. From talking to other remodelers, he knew a full-time salesperson could add a $500,000 to $1.5 million in revenue. More

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Whether hiring staff designers benefited your company

We hired a kitchen and bath designer with 10 years of experience working in a manufacturer's showroom. Clients want better products, and there isn't enough time to do everything else and help the client make selections. More

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Survey on design/build

Our survey reveals that there are almost as many definitions for design/build as there are remodelers. More

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