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Bathroom Bench: Handsome Seating and Storage in One

A bathroom bench serves double duty as seating and storage, offering both comfort and convenience. More

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Sales Alchemy Revisited: Clarifying a Remodeler's Role as Construction Manager

A reader asks for further clarification of Mike Davis' role as a construction manager as mentioned in the February article "Sales Alchemy." More

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Pitch-Perfect: How to Run a Sales Meeting

Sales meetings are a key component in your sales process, setting the tone for and influencing the success of the meetings required to close the sale. More

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Taking It to the Streets: Billboard on Wheels

After an ordinance director ordered it to remove a letter board from in front of its office, Newmyer Distinctive Remodeling attached its signs to a cube van and parked it out front instead. More

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Pricing Adjustment

This Q&A with Big50 remodelers asks how the economy affects their pricing and bidding. More

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