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Giving crews ownership of budget

Endless phone calls. Extra trips to the site. Irate, tired-of-waiting customers. All of these problems worsen when a budget question crops up mid-project and goes unresolved for a period of time because only the company owner can answer it. More

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Remodelers Need to be Proactive Planning for Growth

Milestones as goals can be tangible, like moving from being an employee to being self-employed or hiring your first office person or first lead carpenter. But they can also be less tangible, like spending more time with your family, working only 50 hours a week, or taking a two-week vacation without your cell phone. More

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Using smaller presentation binders/direct mailings to attract smaller-scaled clients

Two design/build remodelers used to contracting $400,000 to $500,000 projects discovered that to win smaller jobs, they needed to downsize their approach, whether in a presentation binder or in direct mail. More

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Design as a Profit Center

Your design department can stand on its own and earn a healthy margin. The key is to find talented design staff and capture all your costs. More

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