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Let It Rain

For replacement contractors, what's not to like when it comes to gutter protection systems? The product satisfies a real consumer need. Its emergence has created a booming market, still largely untapped. The product itself is an uncomplicated device that dovetails nicely with existing exterior product lines. And don't forget the profit margins, which are healthy More

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"The Works" : provides home-needs inventory and serves them

For an average cost of $450 (it could be more, based on the house's square footage), a homeowner receives a "home physical," then a repair schedule, followed by a maintenance program.Customers can opt for one of four maintenance levels: what's required; recommended; optional; or done with the customer's carte blanche. More

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Providing a Warranty

Seeking to more vigorously market his company's "indefinite guarantee," John Frazier hired a construction management intern to survey past clients about his remodeling company's workmanship. More

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Reader's Choice - Big50 Favorites

A few product favorites from the Big50 2002. More

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