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A good consultant can be a life raft

Most remodelers are not skilled in every aspect of the business world ó and they don't need to be. Part of learning how to thrive and grow in a competitive market means seeking outside help, and there are consultants who can help you become more effective in just about every business area. Many times, these consultants can help identify solutions to problems you didn't even know you had. More

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Proper employee placement is key to success

Jody Kenote took up framing at the age of 14, sharpened his carpentry skills in... More

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A strong bonus plan can make your production staff more efficient

Ed Lane had run a successful remodeling company for 20 years before he hammered out an effective bonus plan for his project managers. The breakthrough idea, suggested by his production manager and finessed over a period of months, was to focus on actual job costs, rewarding project managers for each job they completed on budget. More

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Helping key employees grow

Despite the risk, it's worth the effort to help key employees grow and take on new responsibilities. Here's why. More

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Focusing on employee training

As a former remodeler, Joe Zanola knows how difficult it can be to effectively... More

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Knowing the future of your business as it relates to production

Scott Mosby's company, Mosby Building Arts, St. Louis, generated $4 million in... More

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Second Look: Joe Zanola

Most of the advice Joe Zanola (Big50 1988) got from consultants during his days as a remodeler was information he already knew. Now that he's on the consulting side, as owner of Zanola Company in St. Louis, he does his best to do more than what is traditionally thought of as "consulting." More

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