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Creating an Office Document? Stop Trying to Make It Perfect

REMODELING consultant Joe Stoddard has visited untold numbers of remodelers who never finished key documents because they weren't "perfect." To that he says: Get over it. Here's a better way. More

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Steps to Improve Email Etiquette

You don't want to lose jobs or turn people off with poor email writing skills. A little courtesy and some solid information go a long way. More

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Is There a Chromebook in Your Future?

Google's Chromebook comes at a good price, but they don't cover the entire waterfronnt of what laptops normally do. Here's how to determine whether Chromebooks could become part of your overall technology plan. More

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Do's and Dont's of QR Codes

Remodeling industry tech consultant Joe Stoddard offers tips on using QR codes so you don't waste your advertising dollars. More

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The Most Handy Apps You'll Use Every Day

Industry consultant Joe Stoddard suggests several simple apps he relies on that will help you run your business. More

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Putting Your Project Management Software to Work

Following up on his June column about project management software options for... More

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Technology to Add Value and Reduce Costs

Remodeling industry and technology consultant Joe Stoddard shares tech tips you can easily use now to improve your business. More

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Intel on Info: Google Search Tips

Remodeling industry consultant Joe Stoddard offers tips on using Google's search operators to make your online searches more accurate and efficient. More

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Buy What You Need; Need What You Buy When It Comes to Technology

Remodeling industry technology consultant Joe Stoddard on how to get the most out of your technology purchases. More

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