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Don't Bank on It

Securing financing is getting more personal in the wake of the credit crunch. Remodelers are finding they may need to dig deeper within clients' finances and with their own lending partners. More

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Health Insurance Shared Burden

When it comes to providing employee health insurance in a down economy, many... More

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Lead-Generation Services: Make Me a Match

Many full-service and design/build remodelers are inclined to try lead providers ó once. More

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Remodelers: Laying Off or Ramping Up for a Rebound?

Remodelers face tough decisions on new low-volume realities for staffing. More

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Finding a sweet spot in the business

Every industry has its own pet beliefs about what constitutes a sign of good business health. Unfortunately, not all of these commonsense diagnostics are reliable. Here are some misconceptions that I encounter most often in the remodeling industry. More

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Bringing Design In-House Can Improve Client Experience and Your Bottom Line

Hiring full-time designers can not only improve the client experience but give a... More

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Open-Book Management Increases Profits, Makes Employees Accountable

As varied as remodeling company owners are, they share several personality traits.... More

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Responding when things don't work out as planned

From the mildly frustrating to the emotionally crippling, potentially high-stakes scenarios play themselves out every day in the remodeling world. Some begin benignly or seem tolerable, and many remodelers would rather suffer through them instead of openly confronting them. Other scenarios are clearly huge, a threat to an important relationship or your company's future. More

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What remodelers know about accountability

What can we learn about accountability in business from The Apprentice, Donald Trump's televised search for his next executive? In Trump's version, you're on a team where you avoid taking responsibility and sometimes even undermine team performance to protect yourself. To survive, you may have to throw teammates under the bus. Most importantly, a small mistake will get you called on the carpet for public humiliation, and probably will get you fired. More

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