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Good, Better, Best: Help Your Sales Reps Identify Quality Leads

Selling is emotional, but salespeople need to look rationally at the quality of the lead and whether or not it's worth pursuing. More

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Back to Sales Basics: Act as an Adviser to Clients to Build Trust

Bring value to prospects and help move them off the fence by acting as trusted adviser for their remodeling needs. More

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Use New Railings To Enliven Old Decks

Reasons besides immediate need can motivate a re-rail job. A wide variety of materials makes for many design opportunities. More

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Growing Concern

Case studies of three remodeling companies at different stages of growth. What challenges are they each grappling with and how are they managing their growth? More

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Who Does the Books?

When Jim Lett started his window and door business, A.B.E. Window & Doorin Allentown, Pa., he did everything himself -- including the books. Soonenough, however, Lett began to outsource his bookkeeping. He still does, ata cost of between $450 and $500 a month. Generally, costsat home improvement companies that outsource bookkeeping range from $200 to $1,000 per month. More

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Hiring outside the remodeling industry

Remodeling is a highly technical art. It requires a grasp of the principles and practice of electricity, plumbing, engineering, geometry, and architecture. It requires a high level of craftsmanship as well as an ability to manage homeowners' expectations during a very emotional process. All of this while turning a profit. More

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Think Positive

In a turbulent economic environment, there are plenty of opportunities to get discouraged, depressed, and despondent over low sales. Here's how sales pros fight back against tought times. More

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Turning Up Sales in a Downturn

Track the quality of leads and monitor trends in weekly sales meetings. If a great lead is 80 and you get a lead worth only 45 points, prioritize accordingly. More

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