Jim Basnett

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Building a Subcontractor Community

A remodeler who wants to continue growing his company without hiring more permanent staff turns to a network of subcontractors to get things done. More

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2010 Wage and Benefit Survey

Despite cutbacks, remodeling company owners remain positive More

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Meeting agenda for production team

To keep monthly meetings on task, Basnett Design-Build-Remodel in Littleton, Mass.... More

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Make meetings more productive

Monthly production meetings at Basnett Design-Build-Remodel had a tendency to wander and to produce too few action items. So Jim Basnett and his production team at the Littleton, Mass., company, set a day and time, and created an agenda and a required attendance list. More

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Time to review your business practices

With the start of every new year, your P&L goes back to zero. January 1 is always a clean slate, but 2008 looms as a particularly powerful incentive for reviewing your business practices, rethinking your assumptions, and evaluating your personnel. Here's how some remodelers I know plan to confront their biggest business challenges in '08. More

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Q+A: Gathering Feedback

What, specifically, do you do with information received from customer satisfaction surveys? More

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