Jerry Liu

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Up-front contract settles things early
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Learning lessons from mistakes

Forget your ego, realize you have made a mistake, and move on.” That's Jerry Liu's, of D.G. Liu Contractor, attitude about making mistakes. He embraces the idea that he is imperfect and has learned from the past that the sooner you admit you fell short, the more valuable the lesson. More

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Q+A: To B-I-Y or Not to B-I-Y

For our DreamMaker franchise, where budgets are tight, we allow homeowners to buy their own materials. More

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Finders Keepers

Robert Criner, president of Criner Construction in Yorktown, Va., says remodelers must be proactive in their quest to retain employees. More than just money "In every statistic I read on retention priorities, money is fifth or sixth on the list," says Doug Nelson, president of New Spaces in Burnsville, Minn. Nelson says that more than a fair salary, employees want to be appreciated and feel like a vital part of the company. Lead carpenter Ross Gravrock, a 10-year employee of Doug Nelson at New Spaces, says he enjoys his job because Nelson gives him the freedom to do good work. More

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