Jerome Quinn

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Punch list at the end of the job

Our goal, from the start of the job, is to not have any punch items by the time we reach the final walkthrough. We've even had owners try to convince us to call it a Zero Punch, even when there were some punch items left! More

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Using smaller presentation binders/direct mailings to attract smaller-scaled clients

Two design/build remodelers used to contracting $400,000 to $500,000 projects discovered that to win smaller jobs, they needed to downsize their approach, whether in a presentation binder or in direct mail. More

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Punch List Knockout

SawHorse, a design/build remodeling company in Atlanta, doesn't want to finish up their punch lists. "With Zero Punch, we walk away with an account that is paid in full," Quinn says. On those jobs, says vice president of operations Norman Joss, they average 4.6 items per closing. More

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