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Rewarding Your Staff for Good Work

I apologized for something I did. Word traveled the grapevine, and soon a card arrived in the mail from Craig Durosko of Sun Design Remodeling Specialists, in Burke, Va. More

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Hiring outside the remodeling industry

Remodeling is a highly technical art. It requires a grasp of the principles and practice of electricity, plumbing, engineering, geometry, and architecture. It requires a high level of craftsmanship as well as an ability to manage homeowners' expectations during a very emotional process. All of this while turning a profit. More

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Q+A: Solution

Recently we hosted our first-ever open house. It was related to our project being published in Sarah Susanka's latest book. We held it at the house featured in the book so that our clients could see our work and celebrate with us. More

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Reading List: The Not So Big House; Running a Successful Construction Company

Two Big50 remodelers share the business books that have most helped their companies. More

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Specification Gathering Form

Once Tim and Janeen Welsh have signed a design agreement with a client and received a down payment, they sit down with the homeowner for what they call a 'specification gathering session.' More

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