Jack Philbin

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Q&A: How Large Is Your Cash Reserve?

We ask several remodelers across the nation about the amount of ready cash they... More

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NuHeat radiant floors: Ambiance LX: Bellacor.com

Remodeler: AJ Paron-Wildes Company: DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, St. Louis Park,... More

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Accounting for Replacement Costs

Repair and replacement costs can take a bite out of your operating budget. Philbin's crews also pay to repair their tools, unless the damage was due to negligence of a co-worker, but Philbin pays to sharpen or replace bits and blades. More

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Face Off: Should you finish a job started by another contractor?

You hear a client's tale of woe about a bad contractor and think, "I'm a good guy, I won't treat them like this." In the past, I have taken over several jobs with mixed results. More

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Tool allowances for employees

Remodelers answer the question: Do you offer a tool allowance to your employees? More

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No Waiting Game

Remodeler Jack Philbin won't start a kitchen or bath remodel until all the products have been delivered. Besides avoiding delays during the job, Philbin says this system also results in fewer change orders because clients make decisions early and the product list becomes part of the contract. But Philbin says suppliers are busy and the just-in-time delivery is often not possible, so this system gives him more control. More

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