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Pet Plan: Managing Clients' Pets on the Job

Your clients' pets are important to them. Considering pets and how to handle them during a remodeling project is key to your clients' satisfaction with the job. More

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Tough Times, Flexible Tactics: Tips for Selling in a Down Economy

Leads are fewer and jobs smaller. You need to go farther and work harder to sell a... More

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Project Costs Hold Steady

In a tough economy with consumers putting projects on hold or downsizing project scope, remodelers are having to rework all aspects of their business to keep projects competitively priced. More

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Web Photos Made Easy

The technology that lets consumers share photos online with friends and family is also an easy way to share project photos online with clients and prospects. More

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Hiring immigrants for your business needs

Decades past, Americans proudly declared this "nation of immigrants." We celebrated the idea of the United States as a Melting Pot, a nation capable of welcoming and assimilating just about anyone from anywhere who sought refuge or opportunity here. More

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Warranty Issues on Window Installations

Someone's on the phone with a complaint about the windows you installed in their addition, what was it, three years ago? Production manager Rob Dagley estimates that maybe one in 20 calls requesting warranty work at Rhino Builders, Kansas City, Kan., have to do with service on a window. More

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