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Welcoming the immigrant workforce

The future of the remodeling workforce is alive and well in Lincoln, Neb., where... More

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Planning for expansion

Gary Moffie had already expanded The Remodeling Co. in Beverly, Mass., from $500,000 to a few million in revenue, but knew that if he wanted to continue on this path, he would need help. More

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Standard Operating Procedure Manual

There's nothing unusual about a remodeling firm that has an employee handbook. But the one given to the field crew at The Remodeling Co., in Beverly, Mass., goes beyond establishing company philosophy and safety guidelines. President Gary Moffie calls his handbook a “standard operating procedure manual.” In addition to the usual stuff, it contains approximately 30 techniques for tackling various problems out in the field. More

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Solving cost slippage problems

Slippage occurs when something on the job causes unrecoverable costs to extend beyond the limits of the estimate. King has since refined and implemented several processes to help her company reduce slippage, most notably instituting a "post-mortem" review of costs at the completion of every job. More

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Engineered studs for hanging straight cabinets

For hanging straight cabinets on a long or high wall, remodeler Gary Moffie now uses engineered studs in the wall. For a $100,000 kitchen renovation, the $500 additional cost is insignificant, Moffie says. More

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