Gary Eichhorst

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Handing Off Responsibilities

Delegation ó or the lack of it ó is probably the biggest obstacle facing new... More

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Handling complaints about employees

The first thing I do is assure the customer that I'm not going to go back and tell the employee that “Mrs. Jones said you didn't clean up adequately.” That might make the customer uncomfortable, particularly if the job isn't finished yet. More

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Industry Receptive to Immigrant Labor

Since 1990, new immigrants have entered the American work force in unprecedented numbers and altered its makeup as never before. More

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Remodeling Ethics

Remodeling has progressed in its long march toward professionalism, but unethical... More

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Hiring based on a screen test

Instead of putting an ad in the paper and hiring someone on the basis of gut instinct -- his past practice -- Eichhorst decided to screen the candidates first. He hired Bob Handwerk, of local human resources firm RLH & Associates, to handle the hiring process. More

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Leveraging Big50 awards: making market gains

Every year, REMODELING's Big50 awards spotlight exemplary remodeling companies... More

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Spin Masters

If life goes according to business plan, an Owens Corning basement finishing system franchise will be Gary Eichhorst's ticket to future retirement. "Once I get it developed the way I want, it will give me an exit strategy because it will have proven revenues year after year." More

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