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City Watch: Top 20 Best-Performing Markets for Remodeling

From the Top 100 Markets list, we take a closer look at the 20 best-performing markets in the U.S. More

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Show-Offs: Ways to Maximize Your Impact at Home Shows

If your home show act is getting stale? Tips for engaging attendees and helping to convert prospects to clients. More

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Two Percent Ain't Cutting It: How Much Should You Be Spending on Marketing?

During lean times, you need to work harder to get work. That means ó if you want to grow your business ó you'll need to spend more on marketing. More

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K&B Limited: Kitchen Cabinet Refacing and Acrylic Bath Products Attract Budget-Minded Homeowners

Cabinet refacing and acrylic bath products are getting attention from consumers who want a new kitchen or bathroom on a budget. More

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Adding appliance sales as profit center

Callier & Thompson Kitchens Baths and Appliances has always sold appliances with... More

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