Erik Anderson

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Remodelers Identify Rising Business Costs in the Slower Economy

Remodelers' costs are down, finally, for building materials and fuel. But they're... More

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What Lies Ahead in 2009

What are the prospects for remodeling markets in 2009? Remodelers from across the... More

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Big50 Remodelers Describe Their Non-Remodeling Business Interests

A multi-unit development project, a neighborhood referral service, a real estate holding company, and a solar panel installation company keep these Big50 remodelers busy. More

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Outer Circles

Many remodelers struggle to strike a profitable balance between sustainable growth and manageable marketing, but Anderson-Moore Builders does the job by focusing on--and only on--its existing referral base. More

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Warmth and elegance in a master bath renovation

Having easy access to everyday bathroom items was the idea behind this open-shelf... More

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Some remodelers requiring continuing education for workers

Anderson-Moore Builders may have found the key to unlocking the minds of change-averse field staff: relevant, useful training. More

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Group Therapy

Erik Anderson of Winston-Salem, N.C., had only been in business for four years when, he says, “I realized I couldn't continue working at this pace. We thought if we worked hard, we'd earn a good living. We were working really hard and we were hitting a brick wall.” That's when he joined one of the NAHB's 20 Clubs for remodelers. More

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Training is essential to growth

Training yourself, your managers, and your field crews will turn your chaotic circus into a well-orchestrated troop. More

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Small jobs can bring big profits

The overhead structure of Brady's full-service design/build firm positions him perfectly to handle jobs in the $75,000 to $200,000 range but leaves projects of this size outside of his core competency. For this reason, Brady only accepts small jobs, which he defines as $10,000 and under, from past clients and solid referrals. More

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