Elaine Taylor

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Companies find success in diversification

Some see specialization as the future of the industry, but plenty of remodelers beg to differ with the notion that a jack-of-all trades is a master of none. More

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Profile: Larry and Elaine Taylor

After nearly 35 years in the industry, Larry Taylor, and his wife and co-owner... More

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Reader Panel: Balancing Act

More than half of respondents have delegated production, bookkeeping, and payroll... More

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Taylored Construction: Elaine and Larry Taylor

After 30 years in the business, Elaine and Larry Taylor (Big50 1987) of Taylored... More

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Penny Pinching

However, if you release an employee with a $40,000 yearly salary plus benefits, you can reduce your overhead by as much as $65,000.The first was typical but with a few minor cuts; the second left just the basics; the third put us in survival mode -- cutting back on everything but absolute More

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