Ed Castle

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Keeping Systems Up to Date

Since the economic slowdown reached the outskirts of Washington, D.C., remodeler Ed Castle has had to take an uncharacteristically proactive approach to marketing. More

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Benefits of office space outweigh extra overhead

Although it can be difficult to fit into the budget at first, the benefits of having office space outweigh the extra overhead. More

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Managing projects with Microsoft Excel

About five years ago, Ed Castle began managing all his projects using Microsoft... More

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Got It? Flaunt It.

I use 10% of what Excel will do, and the average person probably uses 2%,” says Ed... More

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Reader Panel: Why BIY?

Not all of our Reader Panel respondents do jobs where the homeowners supply at... More

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Skid Steer: FilterVent: DustDoor

Lonnie Cox of Brothers Strong was looking for a way to ventilate upper-story... More

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Face Off: Should I work from my home or set up outside office space?

My office looks out on a park, and there is a pond right next to me with a fountain and goldfish. More

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