Dino Andreakos

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The Old & the Textless: Texting As a Means to Connect With Younger Clients

Similar to real estate agents, some remodelers are finding they can better connect with young clients by using a short message service (SMS). More

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Using Financing to Help Clients Pay: An Interview With Dino Andreakos

Why is it that car dealers offer financing and remodelers don't? Dino Andreakos,... More

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Facing the Future: What's in Store for the Remodeling Industry as the National Economy Gains Momentum

The remodeling industry is poised for a recovery, but challenges remain. Here's a look at the key hurdles to overcome and how some remodelers are tackling them head-on. More

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Come Buy With Me: Building Materials, Purchased Direct

Frustrated with product shortages, high markups, and long lead times and delivery delays, growing numbers of remodelers are rethinking their ordering practices. More

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A Date with New Business

One New York remodeler is generating business with a shake -- or is it a stir? -- via a planned series of innovative social events. More

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