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Expert Q&A: In QuickBooks, Tips for More Accurate Job-Costing

"Items" are key to unlocking most of the job-costing features in QuickBooks. Not only do they provide an additional, alternative level of detail, but the more advanced features of QuickBooks are actually built on them. More

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Percentage-of-Completion Accounting: What's It All About?

POC accounting methods provide more accurate results before the final numbers are... More

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New Wireless Time-Tracking for Field Workers

A new Intuit program offers a solution to the challenge of getting field crews to turn in detailed, accurate timesheets. It is wireless, GPS-enabled, and affordable, says QuickBooks expert Diane Gilson. More

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Making Money on Remodeling Jobs? Track Your Financial Data to Find Out

Take control of your daily financial information. Even if someone else will be handling your day-to-day entries, learn how to make basic entries into your QuickBooks file and how to run basic reports to see how those entries show up. More

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Assigning and Tracking Warranty Costs in QuickBooks

QuickBooks expert Diane Gilson explains how remodelers can assign warranty costs... More

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With Wireless Computers, Avoid Wireless Corruption

Why wireless computers can compromise the integrity of QuickBooks files -- and tips for keeping them safe. More

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Best Practices for Backing Up QuickBooks Files

Automatic server backups won't necessarily protect your QuickBooks files. QB expert Diane Gilson offers tips for keeping your files safe and up to date. More

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Estimating a Project

Can you explain what costs should be included when estimating a project and what... More

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Paying overtime may be worth it

Who has the higher labor burden rate ó one of your higher- or lower-paid employees... More

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