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Escrow Accounts

Contractors in New York state are required by law to place initial deposits in an escrow account. Remodeler Dett Otterbeck of Otterbeck Builders in Castleton, N.Y., says the practice works well for his company. When he receives the first payment on a project, he puts that money in an escrow account. “We don't draw on it until we offset it with the first receipts,” he says. More

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Following the remodeling rules

Remodeling is by its very nature a contentious process. But there is no magic bullet to protect against run-ins with customers or, worse, with their lawyers. The best protection, many remodelers agree, is as simple as establishing the rules and then making sure everyone follows them. More

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Pros and Cons of Using Subcontractors to Install Windows

When it comes to using subs for window installations, many remodelers just say no.... More

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Face Off: Should my company be involved in insurance restoration work?

By REMODELING Magazine Staff. So, we can do these jobs with our remodeling crews and don't need to have separate divisions.Many insurance jobs come up during cold weather, and one benefit of this work is that it provides us with year-round jobs. More

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Name Brand Recognition

Rich Gaspar, owner of Gaspar Construction in Seattle, notes that there's a 20% to 30% price difference between nationally known window brands and locally produced brands. The clients who choose the lesser products run a heightened risk of the windows failing," Gaspar says. More

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