David Heaney

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SecondLook: David Heaney

This Delaware remodeler has diversified his business by providing customized space plans and estimating services for health facilities.. More

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A headhunter can save you time and money.

Like many company owners, Susan Pierce often has trouble finding quality employees... More

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Reinvesting Profits

Small service-oriented businesses do it. Large product manufacturers do it. And upscale remodeling companies should be doing it, too. It's a strategy known as “reinvesting profits,” and it's something all growing companies should be thinking about ó or risk stunting their own growth. More

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Sound hiring and firing practices

Riggs Construction didn't act quickly enough to terminate a difficult executive and so subjected its entire staff to his toxic attitude for five damaging years. By contrast, a criminal background check that is part of the meticulous hiring process at Rockland Inc. prevented the company from putting a convicted sex offender in clients' homes. More

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Final-touch services makes client satisfaction complete

Upscale remodels must be picture-perfect the day clients move back into their... More

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Moving on up to your own office

Have you outgrown your home office? It's a sign that the time has come to move out... More

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Engineering the client experience

Self-described remodeling neophytes Susan Parker and Ed Hynes “lived to rue the... More

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