David Foster

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Bigger Sales, Just a Click Away: Online Cost Estimator

After an initial effort years ahead of its time fell short, David Foster decided to try launching an online, DIY cost estimator again ó with better results. More

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Slow and Steady in the Washington Area

Despite smaller jobs, this Washington, D.C.-area remodeler sees opportunity in his market. More

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ISO: Skilled Labor

What if you could find a steady source for skilled labor and give back to your... More

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Remodelers Look For Ways To Attract Young Workers

Remodelers who lament the challenges of attracting new people to the profession... More

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What remodelers know about accountability

What can we learn about accountability in business from The Apprentice, Donald Trump's televised search for his next executive? In Trump's version, you're on a team where you avoid taking responsibility and sometimes even undermine team performance to protect yourself. To survive, you may have to throw teammates under the bus. Most importantly, a small mistake will get you called on the carpet for public humiliation, and probably will get you fired. More

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