Dave Bryan

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Brand Aid

It's not just about brochures or logos ó often the first thing people think of... More

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Women have natural sales technique

In this traditionally male business, there are a small group of women who are owners or designers doing sales, or even doing straight sales. But in many cases they're outselling their male counterparts. More

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Exhaust fans and FlexWrap

Remodeler: Jess Arroyo Company: JFCI Design & Remodel, Boise, Idaho Product:... More

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Shared Bonus Pool with different percentages

Stephen Howell, owner of Howell Design & Build, North Andover, Mass., remembers what it was like when he founded his company six years ago. "I don't know a bonus system that exists that doesn't have the potential to be interpreted as unfair," says David Bryan, owner of Blackdog Builders, Salem, N.H., whose four-year-old bonus system based on gross profit distributes rewards to field crews for productivity. More

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Full-Time Help

Dave Bryan of Blackdog Builders, Salem, Mass., wants to more than double the size of his $4 million company in the next several years. --Victoria Downing is president of Remodelers Advantage, Fulton, Md. (301) 490-5620, [email protected]. More

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