Dave Brady

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Pet Plan: Managing Clients' Pets on the Job

Your clients' pets are important to them. Considering pets and how to handle them during a remodeling project is key to your clients' satisfaction with the job. More

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Navigating from carpenter to CEO

What compels carpenters to go into business for themselves? A wide range of... More

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Cost vs. Value Report 2006

What's the payback for remodeling? Our annual report compares construction cost... More

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Targeting Profitable Jobs

Separating the wheat from the chaff within that customer plain is how remodelers reap profitability. Case, for example, relies on computer-aided analyses of its extensive project database to predict future customer buying patterns. Other remodelers take the more basic route of screening potential customers to determine everything from the limitations of their budgets to how easy they would be to work with. These interviews help remodelers avoid customers who might impede their companies' productivity objectives. More

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Competition-driven sales process

Who's your competition? The new-home builder? The SUV dealer? The remodeling company on the other side of town? All of the above. More

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Surveys Fine Tune Client Satisfaction

Companies that depend on repeat and referral leads for business need to know how clients feel about their project -- and the process. That's why, earlier this year, Dave Brady, owner of Oak Design amp; Construction, Oak Park, Ill., rewrote his company's client satisfaction survey. More

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Small jobs can bring big profits

The overhead structure of Brady's full-service design/build firm positions him perfectly to handle jobs in the $75,000 to $200,000 range but leaves projects of this size outside of his core competency. For this reason, Brady only accepts small jobs, which he defines as $10,000 and under, from past clients and solid referrals. More

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Hiring good sales staff

As Dave Brady pondered his company's need for a full-time salesperson besides himself, an ex-employee named Steve Gruszka walked in the door. When he closed his company and contacted his old employer, Brady immediately saw the potential for his first salesperson. More

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