Craig Durosko

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Sizing up a big job

When REMODELING asked Craig Durosko of Sun Design Remodeling Specialists, Burke, Va., what the employees at his company think about when eyeing a big job, they compiled this list. More

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Debriefing after the job is over

It didn't make sense to Craig Durosko of Sun Design Remodeling Specialists in Northern Virginia to do an “autopsy only on a job on which something went wrong.” His company does a “job debrief” on every job, 30 days after it's been paid in full. More

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Handling the larger remodel job

For any remodeler, going after that first big job is frightening and exciting. “As... More

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Remodeling clients learn lessons to take back to their company

The project: Fitzpatrick converted her ranch house into what she calls a "... More

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Learning how great companies operate

At its "Spring Training" each year, Sun Design Remodeling Specialists, Burke, Va., brings its 25 employees to JLC Live in Baltimore and, offsite, contracts a speaker or speakers to give insight into how great companies operate. More

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Just Saying No

Here's how five remodelers just say no. More

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Accurate Job Costing

If you only have one part of bookkeeping done right, it better be your progress job costs," says Mike Weiss of Weiss & Co. in Carmel, Ind. Because variances in labor costs are a major source of slippage, tracking payroll is key to accurate job costs. More

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