Cindy Knutson-Lycholat

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Vinyl Offer

Remodelers are divided on the issue of vinyl windows. More

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Divided lites windows: Impact resistant windows: Insulated concrete forms

Remodeling firm Craftsman Construction frequently replaces windows in Charlotte's... More

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Advantage of second-generation companies

Second-generation companies operate with advantages that first-generation... More

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Future Boom? Will baby boomer retirement be a demographic bonanza or a washout for the remodeling industry?

Either that or they sold their homes and moved into childless retirement communities. San Diego marketing consultant Phil Goodman, operator of Boomer Marketing and author of Boomers, The Ageless Generation, predicts that for baby boomers, retirement in the conventional sense is "not an option." A 1998 AARP survey found 8 of 10 baby boomers expect to be working at least part-time during their retirement. More

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