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Customer surveys can provide remodelers with valuable information

Bowers Construction, McLean, Va., has been conducting post-job customer surveys... More

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Big50 answers to big business questions

Some examples, though, would be the project took longer than the homeowner anticipated; the homeowner is intimidated by what they view as a one-sided contract; the homeowner thinks someone will be working on their project every day; the homeowner feels there could be better communication during the project. More

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Giving Microwaves a Built-in Look

Alon Toker says most manufacturers offer trim kits to give microwaves a built-in look. In Toker's experience, a 1/16-inch clearance is adequate because the appliances generate very little heat. More

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Positioning the Microwave

Microwaves are the most neglected and overlooked appliance in the kitchen," says... More

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