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Picture This

The expression "a picture is worth a thousand words" is not quite right for the... More

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Effects of housing slowdown on remodeling varies

The consensus among remodelers and industry analysts is that remodeling isn't expected to fall nearly as hard as home building. However, the overall slumping of the housing market has implications beyond the public's attitude toward investing in their homes. More

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Remodelers differ on market predictions

Data released late last year in Fortune magazine further speculated about a cooling housing market ó at least on a regional basis. More

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The Right Move

Brothers Ethan and Chris Landis, owners of Landis Construction, had home offices... More

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Architectural Solution

Control. In a remodeling project, everyone wants it ó contractor, client, architect. In the traditional remodeling process, the three-way struggle for control creates instability. For many remodelers, bringing an architect in-house is the best way to achieve balance. More

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Moving on up to your own office

Have you outgrown your home office? It's a sign that the time has come to move out... More

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Managing your Backlog

The health of your company depends on how you manage a backlog of work. More

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