Chris Donatelli

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Back to Basics

Everybody has his or her own way of doing something. But, Chris Donatelli says, when you're trying to systematize, this kind of idiosyncratic behavior can lead to inefficiency and confusion. “Our way isn't the only way,” Donatelli says about him and his partner Tony Castillo, “but we're selling a particular product and a particular standard,” so there needs to be consensus on method. More

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Got It? Flaunt It.

I use 10% of what Excel will do, and the average person probably uses 2%,” says Ed... More

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Advice Nurse: Answer past clients' phone calls/emails about minor home problems

Chris Donatelli hangs up his remodeler hat for two hours a month and wears a different cap: advice nurse. Donatelli got calls on such topics as treating granite countertops and a chimney separating from a house. More

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