Bob Tilghman

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Value-Subtracted: Tighter Appraisal and Lending Practices Continue to Affect Remodeling Market

Lower property values coupled with restrictive lending practices is leaving more remodelers with the bulk of their sales coming from customers who can self-finance. More

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Big50 CloseUp: Bob Tilghman

Tilghman Builders restructures to ride out the economic downturn and maintain profitability. More

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Web Extra: Would You Like Insurance With That?

It's inherent in the concept of total compensation that the cost of employee benefits will limit employee wages. Health insurance, in particular, is so expensive that the hourly cost to most remodelers is equal to as much as $4 per hour. So what do you do if an employee declines coverage and then asks for the money to be applied to wages? More

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Computing total compensation

Do you know how much you really spend on your employees? More importantly, do they know? In the final installment of our benefit series, REMODELING explores the idea of total compensation -- the true cost (and value) of employment at your company. More

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Consultant's advice pays off

Almost two years ago, Bob Tilghman of Tilghman Builders, in Hatboro, Pa., hired a consulting group to help him improve systems and implement new programs. More

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