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City Watch: Top 20 Best-Performing Markets for Remodeling

From the Top 100 Markets list, we take a closer look at the 20 best-performing markets in the U.S. More

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Head Count: Planning for Staff Cuts

A plan tied to key metrics can help you handle staff cuts. Having the plan in place in advance can help you make rational decisions when the pressure is on. More

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Value-Subtracted: Tighter Appraisal and Lending Practices Continue to Affect Remodeling Market

Lower property values coupled with restrictive lending practices is leaving more remodelers with the bulk of their sales coming from customers who can self-finance. More

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Streamlining Design: Eliminating Redundancies and Implementing Technology

Remodelers are streamlining their design processes and implementing new... More

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Remodeling Company Makeup After the Recession

Coming out of the recession, small and nimble look to be the traits most important to remodeling companies in 2010. More

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Q&A: How Has the Recession Affected Your Design Department?

Recession leads remodelers to new ways of using a design staff, such as sharing designer subcontractors with other remodleing companies. More

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Project Costs Hold Steady

In a tough economy with consumers putting projects on hold or downsizing project scope, remodelers are having to rework all aspects of their business to keep projects competitively priced. More

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Hard or Soft Sell?

Energy tax credits can help bring new business if you market and sell them in a way that fits who you are and what you do. More

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Keeping Clients Abreast of Your Company Changes

In a rough economy, with layoffs taking place, client confidence may be shaken by your company's staffing changes. Keeping clients informed can alleviate their anxiety. More

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