Bill Medina

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Big50 SecondLook: Bill Medina

After Bill Medina was named Big50 in 1994, his company experienced record growth,... More

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Portable fax pays its way

Ten years ago Medina Construction Co. started using fax machines that operate over cell phone lines to stay connected to the office from even the remotest of jobsites. For a company whose operation covers so much ground, the system has been invaluable. More

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K+B Project Costs

What are the product and materials costs for kitchen and bath projects in your area? More

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Overworking in the remodeling industry

Overworking in the remodeling industry is a familiar story. Although there are no statistics on remodeler burnout and family trouble specifically, Clay Nelson, who has been a business and life coach in the remodeling industry for the past 25 years, says that compared with other industries, remodelers seem to “consume themselves the quickest.” More

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Group Therapy

Erik Anderson of Winston-Salem, N.C., had only been in business for four years when, he says, “I realized I couldn't continue working at this pace. We thought if we worked hard, we'd earn a good living. We were working really hard and we were hitting a brick wall.” That's when he joined one of the NAHB's 20 Clubs for remodelers. More

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Giving Thanks and More

At this time of reflecting on what we have, we remember Linda Case, a Remodeling... More

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Should you work with your spouse?

Respect each other's time and talents. Allow the other spouse to do what they want. If they work with you, pay them the prevailing salary ó if not more. Recognize their strengths. Praise them for their contributions. More

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Formula for calculating break even point

After years of confusion, Bill Medina of Medina Construction finally found a simple formula to calculate his company's break even point -- the point when gross margin equals overhead. More

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Using time, money, and talent to improve a community

Bill Medina, of Medina Construction Co. in Salina, Kan., is a remodeler and a... More

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