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Donít Be a Liar: How to Communicate Clearly With Clients & Avoid Misleading Proposals

Expert tips from business consultant and speaker Beverly Koehn on avoiding... More

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Good Word: How to Reward Clients Who Get You New Business

It takes work to create a referral reward system and work to sustain it. But the experience of many contractors shows that a well-designed and consistently managed system regularly yields leads. More

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Marketing to the New Remodeling Client

In a tough economy, remodelers are reviewing the value of every promotional dollar they spend. Consumers have changed, and so must remodelers' ways of reaching them. More

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Best Foot Forward

It is essential that your employees put their best foot forward when connecting with clients. More

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Selling Value, Not Price

It's no secret that the remodeling process is not a pretty one. It's invasive; it's time consuming; it's stressful; and it's expensive. But the remodeler who is able to take that same process and make it feel like something different entirely -- something exciting, easy, even enjoyable -- is the remodeler who will be able to charge what he is worth. More

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Anger Management

Nobody enjoys being confronted by angry clients, but avoiding them “is absolutely the worst thing you can do,” particularly if you're in their home nearly every day, says Beverly Koehn, a consultant to remodelers and builders. “The minute you start avoiding them, you dig yourself into a deeper hole.” More

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