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Top Remodeling Entrepreneurs Lead the Way

At a high-energy gathering Thursday morning at the Remodeling Show in Baltimore, hundreds of remodelers honored the owners of four remodeling companies with revenues stretching from $2 million to $50 million. More

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Getting to the Next Level of Growth in Your Small Business

For 12 years, Ann Arbor, Mich., remodeler Gary Rochman expertly steered his company along on an even keel. Trained in both architecture and carpentry, he loved the flexibility and control of being able to execute every aspect of a job. More

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Find a growth engine in open book management

Open book management, or OBM, is a management style that gives employees access to all the company's financial numbers. When coupled with profit-based bonuses, it's supposed to make everyone more invested in the company's success. More

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Brand Aid

It's not just about brochures or logos ó often the first thing people think of... More

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