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Contesting Contemporary

RDA judges weigh in on why contemporary design often trumps traditional work in the awards judging. More

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A Festive Finish: How to Host an Event at a Client's Home

Tips for hosting a post-project party in your client's home. More

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Party Planners: Remodeling Company Organizes Client Post-Project Celebrations

A remodeling company's staff helps clients plan and host a post-project party, providing an enjoyable night for the client and a subtle means of lead generation for the remodeler. More

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How to Create a Winning Workplace Culture

Create a winning workplace culture that benefits and empowers employees is good business. More

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Know client profile

Sheila Ward, a designer at Harrell Remodeling, in Mountain View, Calif., had as... More

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Best design/build remodeling design award

It was a "gutsy move" to replace a gabled roof with a shed roof, said the judges of this "beautiful" renovation of a 1920s bungalow. "But they made it work." More

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Tuning in to body language

You're talking to the client sitting before you when you notice his head is down and he has angled his chest away from you. The client's body language is saying he's “closed.” He can no longer hear what you're saying, so you may as well stop talking. More

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Build strong, enduring relationships with past and prospective clients

It's a no-brainer that people want to hire people who they like and trust. And because much of remodelers' work comes from referrals and reputation, the most successful upscale companies not only do top-quality work but also build strong, enduring relationships with past and prospective clients. More

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To excel at the upsell you must upscale your business

In the early 1990s, New York City interior designer Chris Prince plunged into the world of finials and faucets when she joined (and later became a partner in) Simon's Hardware, a decades-old decorative hardware store that had just emerged from bankruptcy. Though renowned for its specialized merchandise, the store itself was drab and dark, and the employees unprofessional, Prince says. “There was no look, no focus, no brand, not even a logo.” More

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