Annette Greco

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Profile: Annette and John Greco

Owners Annette and John Greco host an annual appreciation party for the employees... More

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To reward clients for referrals or not
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Shows of Appreciation

We have something we call our Cooperative Marketing Program. Basically, if you're a past customer of ours and you refer someone to us, we'll pay you 2% of the job's purchase price. More

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Weekly Job Control Report

Greco Remodelers, Manassas, Va., did not have a production manager to check on the status of jobs, so they decided to create a weekly job control report. If we see a problem, we can be more proactive to rectify it and get the job back on track," Annette Greco says. More

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Potential work difficulties form

When Annette Greco noticed that her projects were going over schedule, she knew she had to take action. "I was hearing excuses like, 'The salesman didn't catch something,'" says the co-owner of Greco Remodelers Manassas, Va. "We wanted to create more accountability on the part of our production staff." More

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